Certain issues on transformation of ownership relations in health resort industry

Author(s):  V.I. Limonov, FGBU "National medical research center for rehabilitation and balneology" of the Ministry of health, Belgorod, Russia, vlimonoff@mail.ru

Issue:  Volume 45, № 3

Rubric:  Sectoral markets and market infrastructure

Annotation:  Here we consider certain issues related to one of the main areas of health resort restructuring. Specifically, the transformation of ownership relations in this sphere. The importance of the ownership relations restructuring is based on the fact that the relations created between numerous independent owners operating in the health resort industry under the market conditions require clear property rights. Particularly, privatization of the health resort facilities can be used as an instrument of a new private sector development as well as an instrument of the state ownership transformation. By establishing private ownership, privatization creates the conditions and background for transition to a broader market-based management system in the industry. Such management system supports the health resort facilities by establishing a favorable market environment for their operation instead of driving stagnation on them. Therefore, restructuring of the health resort industry under the transitional economy can be implemented by restructuring the ownership relations by decentralizing the economic relations and ownership rights.

Keywords:  ownership relations, owners, property items, privatization, health resort industry

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