How are count V.N. Kokovtsov, F.F. Raskolnikov and the battle of Chesme in 1770 related to each other? (historical-genealogical essay)

Author(s):  M.V. Zaytsev, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Saratov National Research State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky, Saratov, Russia

Issue:  Volume 45, № 3

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  The article is devoted to the genealogy of the outstanding statesman of the early 20th century, the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister of Russia in the government of Nicholas II, Count V.N. Kokovtsov. The author examines the origin of the Kokovtsov family, traces the changes in the property status and professional occupations of family members during the 16th-19th centuries. The main biographical data on the most interesting persons of the dynasty, as well as information about the connections of Kokovtsovs with well-known historical figures (D.S. Il'in, F.F. Raskolnikov, P.K. Klodt) are given. The author points to common mistakes and inaccuracies concerning the genealogy of this family, which can be found in the scientific literature. Kokovtsovs family served the Russian state in various spheres: in the army, in the navy, in the civil administration, in educational and scientific institutions. The "Novgorod" branch of the clan maintained the economic status of the petty noblemen, whereas the "Yaroslavl" branch in this respect can be considered more prosperous.

Keywords:  historical genealogy, Kokovtsov family, V.N. Kokovtsov, Chesme battle, F.F. Raskolnikov

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