Providing comfortable psychological condition - one of the internal directions of social responsibility of the pharmacy organization

Author(s):  N.N. Kareva, Dr., Prof., Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 41, № 3

Rubric:  Pharmaceutical Sciences

Annotation:  Currently in the pharmacy sector of the pharmaceutical market in Russia there is a high level of development of the competitive environment and the search for competitive advantages of pharmacy organizations based on the use of modern management technologies. The pharmacy business is looking for ways to better manage personnel. One of the key areas of social responsibility of business are labor practices, an important place among which is occupied by: maintenance of optimum mutual relations between employers and workers; provision of comfortable conditions for personnel work, incl. favorable psychological climate. In modern conditions, the professional activity of pharmacy workers has changed qualitatively. The research topic is relevant also because in modern conditions the professional activity of pharmacy workers has changed qualitatively. The duties of a pharmacist (pharmacist) in a modern pharmacy are much broader than those prescribed by the professional standard. In the struggle to increase the profitability of the pharmacy, employers attribute additional functions to the duties of the staff. It is not uncommon, when the head manages 2-3 pharmacies, the head of the pharmacy and his deputies perform the duties of an accountant, etc. In addition, the range of drugs in pharmacies has increased to 5-7 thousand names, regulatory acts are infinitely changing, the consumer has become more demanding, hence, more and more pharmacy workers are experiencing professional burnout. Creating a favorable psychological climate and friendly interpersonal relations in pharmacies is necessary. The article provides a brief overview of some aspects of the social responsibility of business and conflictology. In addition, in the article, in detail with examples and calculations, the technology and methodology for analyzing interpersonal relationships in teams of pharmacy organizations are presented. The theoretical basis of the research was the work in the field of conflictology and the sociology of group behavior. The article presents a brief historical overview of conflict problems, some aspects of the social responsibility of business

Keywords:  social responsibility of business, sociometry, conflict, cohesion (conflict) of the collective

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