On the issue of the correlation between conflict and competition in law

Author(s):  I.N. Kuksin, Prof., Moscow city pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia, upp@kursksu.ru

V.A. Ufimtseva, Kursk state University, Kursk, Russia

Issue:  Volume 43, № 2

Rubric:  Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Annotation:  The situation of the ongoing reformation of various spheres of society in Russia has led to the existence of a large number of Federal, regional and municipal regulatory legal acts aimed at regulating General relations. Statistics of the law-making process shows that every year in Russia more and more normative legal acts, both substantive and procedural law, are adopted. The article is devoted to the study of the es-sence of such a legal phenomenon as a conflict in law. Analyzed are the available in science and legisla-tion interpretations of legal conflicts. The focus is on the correlation between conflict and competition in law. The authors come to the conclusion that conflicts in law and competition in law are independent, non-identical legal phenomena, none of them is part of the other. On the basis of the analysis carried out by the authors, the distinctive features of collisions in law are revealed and the definition of this legal phenomenon is formulated.

Keywords:  conflict in law, normative conflict, competition in law, signs of conflict in law.

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