Grounds of the idea of university in german classical philosophy. Part 2

Author(s):  N.P. Ragozin, candidate of Sciences, Prof., Donetsk National Technical University , Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic,

Issue:  Volume 43, № 2

Rubric:  Logics, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

Annotation:  The paper gives reconstruction of philosophical model of university of new type, analyses its struc-ture, functions and main purpose basing on the works of I. Kant. Kant’s concept of university is being analyzed as not only an attempt to realize aspirations of the Renascence age but as a reflection of the age of revolu-tionary rise, which created conditions for appearance of free and responsible personality and which reformatted all social relations on the basis of their subordination to norms of morality and law. Accord-ing to Kant's concept, the University is not only an institution of scientific education, but also a school of political freedom of society, a body of non-violent spiritual revolution. Therefore, today we should pre-serve its purpose-to be a platform for public use of reason, an equal partner of the state in determining the ways and means to achieve the public.

Keywords:  classical university, Renascence, enlightenment, progress, ideas of Mind, education reform, educated society, scientific education.

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