Architecture of automated information and search system on stock trading strategies

Author(s):  A.V. Petrukhin, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia,

K.A. Shevchenko, Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd, Russia

Issue:  Volume 45, №2

Rubric:  System analysis and processing of knowledge

Annotation:  This article discusses the solution to the problem associated with the presence of a huge amount of di-verse information on the rules of the game on the stock exchange, on various strategies and other infor-mation related to exchange activities. Often, all this information is chaotic and because of this novice trader may cease to be interested in this topic or start to lose all their money due to improper training. This paper proposes a solution, which is to create a system where the information will be structured. This article presents the architecture of an automated information retrieval system based on exchange trading strategies. In this paper, various modules included in this system, such as the search, edit, index, and con-trol module, are considered. It is shown the input method of narrative strategies by invariant mathematical model, as well as the method of storing the descriptive part of the exchange's trading strategies. The ele-ments of the dialog script in the form of user forms for this system are described.

Keywords:  automated information and search system, trade strategy, input form, output form, training system.

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