New strategies of human activity: philosophical tradition of taoism and contemporary scientific paradigm

Author(s):  M.V. Struchaev, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 43, №1

Rubric:  Thesis

Annotation:  Contemporary scientific world-picture develops and functions in a special historic period. World-picture cultural meaning is determined by its involvement in resolution of human life strategies selection prob-lem, human search of civilization development. Ecological principles included in scientific world-picture gain more broad philosophical sense, influence philosophical basis of the whole culture. Changes in con-temporary science which are fixed in scientific world-picture correlate with philosophical ideas intensive searches producing in different spheres of culture. Open character of contemporary scientific world-picture reveals its extraordinary proportionality many philosophical ideas produced in traditional east cultures

Keywords:  scientific world-picture, scientific rationality, ecology, ethics, Taoism

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