The causes and background to department of local self-government in Russia in 1870

Author(s):  L.V. Butko, Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russia,

O.V. Lepeshkina, candidate of Sciences, associate Professor, Kuban state agrarian University name of I. T. Trubilin, Krasnodar, Russia

Issue:  Volume 43, №1

Rubric:  Actual Problems of Legal Regulation

Annotation:  In article on the basis of the analysis of legal and doctrinal sources, systematic causes and conditions of institu-tions of urban local self-government in Russia in 1870, the Authors concluded that the reasons for the estab-lishment of the institution of self-government in Russia, the predefined historical features of the relevant peri-od. Comparing the causes and preconditions of the introduction of local government in Russia in the nine-teenth century with those that occurred and were considered in the 90-ies of the XX century, the authors have marked their common and special features. At all stages of reforming legislation places-no self-management at first Union, and then Russia in the late twentieth century, the attention of the legisla-signal was centered, ac-cording to the authors, the establishment of local (municipal) authorities, rather than local government. The article pointed out that in the single-personal power of the Emperor in the nineteenth century, it can still some-how justify it, but in terms of the construction of Russia as a democratic state such a position is untenable

Keywords:  local government, public administration, urban governance, reforms, counter-reforms, the upravy blagochiniya

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