From monotemporalism to politemporalism

Author(s):  V.N. Finogentov, Dr., Prof., Orel State Agrarian University named after N.V. Parahin, Orel, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 43, №1

Rubric:  Logics, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

Annotation:  The idea is advanced and justified in the article, according to which a more adequate description of the temporality of the universe requires a transition from monotemporalism to polytemporalism, that is, from a concept that operates with one (universal, universal) time to a concept that operates with a multitude of different-quality individual times that are characteristic of various subjects of being

Keywords:  monoteporalism, polytemporalism, finitism, infinitism, universum, universe, tempodsinenci-ya, "parmenides" transition

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