“I” as image and similarity of God: a speculation upon the treaty of St. Augustin of Hippo “on the Trinity”

Author(s):  O.F. Ivashchuk, Dr., Prof., Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, ivashchuk@bk.ru

Issue:  Volume 43, №1

Rubric:  History of Philosophy, Social Sciences and Humanities

Annotation:  There is an attempt to display a categorial structure of the logic of substantiation of the dogma about ter-nary of God in the treaty of St. Augustin of Hippo “On the Trinity”, and also those cogitative possibili-ties, which it gives for constitution of “I”. For the sake of this aim first of all links between creation, transcendence, verbal representation of the relativity of the Creator and creature are considered, which allows to show fundamentally polyphonic, ontologically plural character of this relation. And, secondly, succession of Augustinian substantiation is traced there, that the mind as synonym of individual communicative disclosure to the plurality of peer individuals, i.e. the Love, is image of God as the Trinity in the human being, which saves him as one per-son, “I”.

Keywords:  “I”, ontology, logic, medieval culture, philosophy, theology, plurality, Trinity, God, image and similarity, mind, creator and creature

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