The complex of economic and mathematical models of the regulation inter-budgetary relations on basis of coordination of regional and municipal interests

Author(s):  I.V. Yakovenko, Southern Russian state polytechnical university (NPI) of M.I. Platov, Novocherkassk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, №23

Rubric:  The oretical models and successful management practices

Annotation:  Examines the creation of the complex of economic-mathematical models for decision-making strategic objective budgetary control, concerning the establishment of values of proportions of distribution of tax revenues between the region and municipality. Modeling the behavior of decision makers in the decisionmaking process is based on the mathematical apparatus of the theory of stochastic automata in random environments. For coordinating regional and municipal interests of the proposed game model stochastic automata, the solution of which is sought in the unclear strategies associated with scenarios of socioeconomic development of the region and of the municipality

Keywords:  mathematical model, stochastic automaton, random medium, budget control, game-theoretic model, fuzzy strategy

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