Analysis of the functioning of small innovative enterprises established on the basis of budgetary scientific and educational institutions

Author(s):  A.N. Leshchinskaya, National research Tomsk state university, Tomsk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, №23

Rubric:  Investment and innovations

Annotation:  This article considers the problem of establishment and following functioning of small innovative enterprises on scientific institutions basis. The main goal of the article is analysis of enterprises establishment dynamic, also causes for the high results of 2010, 2011 are highlighted. There is comparison of regional innovation activity in the article. Main problems in small innovative enterprises establishment by universities, scientific institutions are identified and argued. Special attention is paid to the issue of discrepancy of established enterprises with legislative requirements. The article investigates state support measures for development of cooperative relations between educational, scientific institutions and manufacturing sector, which focus on realization of university innovative potential, science-intensive production development. The scope of work for real economy is one of the main indicator of state support effectiveness, which is explored in the article. Based on this, the study concludes the significance of small innovative entrepreneurship in increasing economy competitiveness in conclusion of the article

Keywords:  small innovative enterprises, university innovation activity, innovation infrastructure, scientific and manufacturing cooperation

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