Boyar lists as a historical source for genealogical research on the family of nobles Domogatsky

Author(s):  K.A. Stolyarova , The State Museum – Preserve the «Kulikovo filed», Tula, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, №22

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  The author of this article analyzes the office documents of Order-in-charge prikaz, in particular, the boyar lists as a historical source of genealogical nature. This type of historical documents has repeatedly drawn the attention of researchers, but where are no large-scale studies that would give complete historiographical and source review. This kind of historical sources has attracted the attention of researchers, but has not been fully understood. With time the structure of the list was changed, ae well as its information content expanding the number of ranks and their divisions. The author uses the available archival materials of Order-in-charge prikaz to supplement and clarify the genealogical information in the study of noble family Domogatsky. This information allows us to fill the historical gaps in the study of above-noted name, during the reign of the first Romanovs more accurately. Representatives of noble families Domogatsky were the middle layer of the nobility and held the relevant position. Using data from these sources the author was able to establish most of the personalities of the noble family and their social and official position.

Keywords:  Boyar lists, Order-in-charge prikaz, genealogy, nobility, history

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