Studying of the Yutanovka point of ancient metallurgy – II Saltovo-mayatsk culture revisiting

Author(s):  A.V. Stepovoy, candidate of Sciences, Nizhnevartovsk State University, Nizhnevartovsk, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 44, №22

Rubric:  Topical issues of russian history

Annotation:  The article is devoted to the history of the study of objects related to ferrous metallurgy and pottery production of the population of the forest-steppe variant of the Saltovo-Mayatsk culture. The properties are located at the settlement of Yutanovka–2 Yutanovka complex of archaeological monuments of the Saltovo-Mayatsk culture of VIII–X centuries on the right Bank of the Oskol river and investigated mainly during the period from 1994 to 2003. They are the basis of point of ancient metallurgy, opened in 1983 by archaeologist and local historian A.G. Nikolaenko. Archaeological objects characterize the process of smelting black metal, make earthenware crockery and reveal a complex world of religious belief. On the point of ancient metallurgy – II the same craftsmen-universals – metallurgists, potters, blacksmiths and moulders of crucibles have worked at the syrodutny furnaces and at the potter's wheel. Studied objects of black metallurgy and pottery industries operating in different times, demonstrate the concentration of craft production on the investigated site of the area of Yutanovka agglomeration and, consequently, the specialization of crafts, the artisans involved in commodity circulation.

Keywords:  Saltovo-Mayatsk culture, the Alans, point of ancient metallurgy, craft, black metallurgy, syrodutny furnace, pottery, pottery workshop

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