The study of the range of cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid in the Russian Federation

Author(s):  L.A. Belousova, Lipetsk State Pedagogical University, Lipetsk, Russia,

E.A. Belousov, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia

O.Y. Lapina, Belgorod National Research University, Belgorod, Russia

Issue:  Volume 40, №26

Rubric:  Pharmaceutical Sciences

Annotation:  Erectile dysfunction (ED) – a disease that is characterized by impaired ability to achieve and/or maintain an erection necessary for the implementation of full sexual intercourse. As a rule, it is not an independent disease, but a symptom, which occurs as a result of mental, neurological, and somatic disorders. Diagnosis in that case, if this symptom continues for more than 3–4 months. If the quality of erection is not achieved in 25% of cases it is possible to speak about erectile dysfunction. In the "International classification of diseases and problems related to health" in the classroom (XIV) diseases of the genitourinary system, in the "diseases of male genital organs" (N40 – N51) represented only group of diseases such as "male infertility" (N 46), "impotence of organic origin" (N 48.4), "vascular disorders of male genital organs" (N 50.1), and "other diseases of the penis" (N 48). That is insufficient for objective and subjective States, using the term "erectile dysfunction". This definition, which is often, used in science and practical public health services. With age there is an increase in ED: 40% of men aged 40 to 50 years old identified ED in 50–60 years – almost half of the surveyed suffers from ED. It is established that in the older age group more than 70% of men have this disorder. Therefore, optimization of pharmaceutical care for patients suffering from ED, is relevant and requires consideration. When conducting a market analysis of the documents used: the State register of medicines of the Russian Federation, the State register of medicines of the Russian Federation, Federal register biologically active additives. In this study an attempt was made to determine the most chattopadhaya and highly profitable positions of medicines related to the study of the range of the network of pharmacies "Pharmacy home" city of Belgorod, the formed information array to determine the cost of therapy ED

Keywords:  pharmacoeconomic analysis, menopause, menopause, the range, frequency of demand, costs

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