Method of integral operators in the theory of differential equations with delayed argument

Author(s):  O.I. Bzheumikhova, Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov, Nalchik, Russia,

E.V. Ryzhkova, Voenny`i` uchebno-nauchny`i` centr Voenno-vozdushny`kh sil «Voenno-vozdushnaia akademiia imeni professora N.E. Zhukovskogo i Iu.A. Gagarina, Voronezh, Russia

Issue:  Volume 49, №27

Rubric:  Mathematics

Annotation:  The paper has been composed as a review of general problems of the theory of equations with deviating arguments and equations with operators of fractional integro-differentiation. In particular the cases in which one of these types of equations can be converted to another have been described here. In addition, the tasks for equations with distributed delay have been singled out on the basis of methods typical to the equations containing the Riemann-Liouville operators

Keywords:  differential equation, a distributed delay, fractional integrals

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