Life plans of russian youth as a self-reflection of social status

Author(s):  A.E. Ushamirsky, Volzhsk Institute of Economics, Pedagogy and Law, Volzskij, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 42, №24

Rubric:  Sociology and Social Technologies

Annotation:  In this article we consider the problem of the formation of life plans of modern Russian youth. It is noted that with all their variety of models for their formation, there is possibility to single out some general trends, the main one is the controversial perception of own status. On the one hand, most young people adapt well to society, on the other hand, they dream about its change, connected with the need to get rid of the simulations of human relationship. In this context, life planning acts as a self-reflection of social status, based on a matrix, the basic settings of which are: excessive individualism and pragmatism, westernized stereotypes, contextual thinking. The empirical side of the article is based on the results of a sociological survey "The interests of modern youth", undertaken in 2016 through questionnaires in Volgograd Oblast; young people aged 14-29 (n = 501) were interviewed; the multistage, quota sample was effected, also on the results of a sociological survey "The problem of protecting the interests of youth in conflicts", conducted in Volgograd Oblast and Belgorod Oblast (n-500), in 2016.

Keywords:  youth, life strategies, life plans, individualism, pragmatism

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