Fauna and structure of macrozoobethos communities of the river khoper under reserve conditon

Author(s):  A.E. Silina, State Reserve «Belogorye», Borisovka vil., Russia, allasilina@list.ru

Issue:  Volume 41, №25

Rubric:  Biological sciences

Annotation:  The article presents the results of studies of the fauna and dominant information structure of the bottom communities of macrozoobenthos in the upper reaches of Khoper. The research was conducted for the first time on the territory of the reserve "Privolzhskaya forest-steppe" (Penza region). Samples of zoobenthos were selected in the most typical habitats in the medial and ripal by the bottom scoop. Types of benthic communities were distinguished by dominant groups, species - by density index. The faunistic list of macrozoobenthos includes 123 species from 49 families. The characteristics of macrozoobenthos for individual systematic groups and species are given, – abundance, biomass, frequency of occurrence and fraction. The dominant groups (insects and mollusks) and species for the upper of Khoper (Polypedilum scalaenum, to a lesser extent – Pisidium amnicum, P. inflatum, Cincinna ambiqua, Leptocerus tineiformes and Potamophylax rotundipennis) and rare species for the Don basin (the mite Hydrodroma torrenticola, and the insects Calopteryx virgo, Aphelocheirus aestivalis, Hydroglyphus geminus, Dasychelea gluchova and Macropeza albitarsis). The seasonal dynamics of zoobenthos is briefly analyzed. The types and kinds of bottom communities are described, the indices of their diversity and stability are given.

Keywords:  macrozoobentos, community, abundance, biomass, information diversity, dominance, stability.

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