Comparative analysis of weed plant communities of north of the republic of bashkortostan at different stages of their formation

Author(s):  G.R. Khasanova, candidate of Sciences, Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia,

S.M. Yamalov, Dr., Botanical garden-institute USC RAS, Ufa, Russia

M.V. Lebedeva , candidate of Sciences, Botanical garden-institute USC RAS, Ufa, Russia,

V.V. Korchev, Botanical garden-institute USC RAS, Ufa, Russia

Issue:  Volume 41, №25

Rubric:  Biological sciences

Annotation:  Segetal or weed communities of the Cis-Urals of the Republic of Bashkortostan are characterized by high diversity, which is determined by soil, climatic and agrocoenosis conditions. Floristic composition of weed communities exhibits a high degree of successional dynamics under the influence of various environmental factors. The aim of this investigation is to identify the changes of weed communities of the northern part of the Cis-Urals that took place over a 30-year period, based on syntaxonomical analysis of the 1980s and 2010s dataset. According to the results of the analysis of 64 geobotanical releves 1 association with 3 subassociations is allocated. It is demonstrated that the differentiation of subassociations is determined by the differences in the floristic composition and the period when they were described. The communities of subassociations described in the 1980s, during repeated testing in the 2010s were not found. The leading role of the factor "succession time" is confirmed by the results of the analysis coordinating.

Keywords:  segetal vegetation, weed communities, syntaxonomy, ordination, Cis-Urals

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