Republic of Korea identity construction the northeast Asia region

Author(s):  E.S. Zadvornaya, Institute of history, archaeology and ethnography of the peoples of the fareast, Far eastern branch of Russian Academy of Science, Vladivostok, Russia,

Issue:  Volume 37, №1

Rubric:  Topical issues of political science

Annotation:  The article is devoted to the identity of the Republic of Korea and the specificity of its formation. It outlines the main stages of the process of identity construction, which are connected with foreign policy priorities and the degree of state support. The latest tools of forming the image of Korea abroad are observed and devoted to the development of popular culture and the preservation of the cultural heritage of Korea. The consequences for the International Relations in Northeast Asia are marked. The author concludes that the Republic of Korea is stepping up efforts to form a new image of Korea, which will contribute to the solution of a number of foreign policy issues

Keywords:  Korean peninsula, Republic of Korea, constructivism, identity, Korean wave, North-East Asia

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