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L.N. Kurtova A number of solutions the equation with quadratic forms of different discriminants Volume 51, № 3 Mathematics. Physics
Klimova T.B.,, Bogomazova I.V., Anoprieva E.V. Sharing-economy in tourism industry and hospitality: new trends Volume 46, № 2 Economics. Computer Science
D.N. Klimenko, M.S. Ozerov, N.D. Stepanov, N.Yu. Zherebtsova, S.V. Zherebtsov MICROSTRUCTURE EVOLUTION AND PROPERTIES OF TI-6AL-4V ALLOY DOPED WITH Fe AND Mo DURING DEFORMATION AT 800C Volume 51, № 2 Mathematics. Physics
A.Yu. Kuzubova Evolution of ideas about freedom in the political and legal doctrine of Russian conservatism of the XIX century Volume 44, № 4 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
T.I. Lipich, A.S. Litvinenko EXISTENTIAL MEANINGS IN THE WORKS OF ARCHBISHOP LUKE (VOYNO-YASENETSKY) Volume 44, № 2 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
P.A. Belousov Ecological beauty as a cultural value Volume 44, № 4 Philosophy. Sociology. Law
A.I. Loshakov, N.V. Verhovtseva, G.E. Larina Environmental Estimation of the Functional Zones in the Natural Reserve «Valley Setun» by the Response of Soil Microbial Complex Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
P.S. Persidskii, K.V. Khlebnikov Ecological innovation in the implementation of gastanprom projects Volume 46, № 3 Economics. Computer Science
E.V. Bespalova Ecological Zoning of the Voronezh Reservoir Based on Indicators of Phytoplankton and Microphytobentose Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
L.V. Kolpina, S.G. Gorilik, E.N. Kamyshanchenko The social health economic determination of senior age group population: regional poll results Volume 45, №2 Economics. Computer Science

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