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Author Title File Number Issue
A.E. Silina Fauna and structure of macrozoobethos communities of the river khoper under reserve conditon Volume 41, №25 Natural Sciences
Z.A. Asilova, N.A. Abdirashitova Physico-Mechanical Properties of Grounds of Coating Threshold and Their Role in the Study of the Remained Processes (by the Example of the City of Kok-Zhangak) Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
R.S. Shirokov Formation of geoecological conditions of the coastal marine region of the Western Yamal under climate change Volume 43, № 4 Natural Sciences
L.N. Gileva, M.A. Podkovyrova The Formation of the Structure of Ecological Economic Frame in the System of Rational Land Management and the Environment of the Northern Territories Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
I.S. Koroleva Functional model of the recreation assessment countryside Volume 42, № 4 Natural Sciences
Zhanna V. Atutova, The functioning of long-river landscapes in the basin of lake Baikal at intensive anthropogenic load Volume 44, № 1 Natural Sciences
L.M. Gabyshcheva, E.M. Gabyshev, V.V. Verkhoturov Chronology of Fires and Estimation of Factor of their Occurrence in Territory of the State Natural Reserve «Olyokminsky» Volume 43, № 2 Natural Sciences
I.A. Trofimov, L.S. Trofimova, E.P. Yakovleva Chernozem Regions in the Agrolandscape-Ecological Zoning of the Central Federal District Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences
A.I. Loshakov, N.V. Verhovtseva, G.E. Larina Environmental Estimation of the Functional Zones in the Natural Reserve «Valley Setun» by the Response of Soil Microbial Complex Volume 42, № 2 Natural Sciences
E.V. Bespalova Ecological Zoning of the Voronezh Reservoir Based on Indicators of Phytoplankton and Microphytobentose Volume 42, № 3 Natural Sciences

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